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Saltos Gymnastics Club

Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Group Rentals 


Group Rentals at Saltos!

Our group rentals offer participants access to most of our gym and equipment, and the opportunity to roll, jump and flip. Participants of all ages will enjoy the benefits of free play.

 Saturday Rentals - Gym & Party Room

 (Trampoline use not permitted)

 Maximum of 20 persons plus 2 host adults

 $200.00 - 1 hour gym time & followed by 45 minutes in the Saltos party room

  3:00 to 4:45pm

  4:15 to 6:00pm

  5:30 to 7:15pm

  6:45 to 8:30pm


2023-24 Saltos Birthday Party Regulations

We are happy to be able to offer our Facility for Party Rentals   We ask that you fully understand these guidelines before booking your event. 


Twenty participants max, plus 2 adult 'hosts' allowed in the building for each party.  This includes party participants and accompanying parents/guardians. There are no spectators allowed at this time. Anyone booking a group rental (party) with Saltos must provide a list of all potential party participants 10 days prior to their party (First and last names). Email your list to 

There is absolutely no exceptions to the guest limit in the building per party.  Failure to provide the party list will result in cancellation of the booking. Individuals not on the list will not be permitted in the facility.


Gym Use: The group rental will use the Saltos gym for the first hour of the rental.  Please note, due to insurance reasons, use of trampolines are not permitted during these group rentals, however a jumping castle will be available for use instead. 

Party Room: The party area will be used during the last 45mins. Tables and chairs will be provided. All refreshments, prizes/loot bags, paper plates/cups, food etc. are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. You are welcome to decorate the party room - NO TAPE OR TACKS ON WALLS PLEASE.  Hooks and cork/white boards can be used.  We kindly ask you to cooperate and follow this new guideline so we can ensure that the party room is maintained. Failure to do so will result in a $50 damage fee being applied to your account and all future rentals will be cancelled.   You are responsible for removing all decorations and picking up after your guests.


One adult supervisor must be present throughout the party to ensure all children are acting in a safe manner for the environment. All participants must wear gym clothes; no baggy clothes or clothes with large buttons/zippers/snaps; no jewelry and all outdoor shoes must be removed.

The Party Room must be tidied after use.  Please ensure all tables are cleared, garbage is put in bin and any mess cleaned from the floors.  Please respect users coming in after you.


One hour and 45 minutes. Please watch your time carefully. It is the expectation of Saltos Gymnastics that your party will be completed in the time allotted. Please note that additional fees will be charged for staff time needed beyond your allotted time.


Party cancellations up to 6 weeks prior to the party will be subject to a $25 Processing Fee. Cancellations received less than 6 weeks before the party are non-refundable.

By accepting this policy, you are agreeing to comply with the outlined rules and guidelines for Saltos Group Rentals.

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